Welcome to Bridge Builder Mutual Funds

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Bridge Builder mutual funds, available exclusively through Edward Jones Advisory Solutions®, provide investors diversified expertise from leading asset management firms. We select multiple asset managers (sub-advisers) for each fund, with each sub-adviser responsible for investing a portion of the fund.

Our Investment Philosophy

The management of Bridge Builder mutual funds is rooted in Bridge Builder's investment philosophy.

  • Diversification – This can help reduce investment risks over time.
  • Long-term approach – Taking a long-term view is an effort to align with our clients' best interests. We believe investing based on long-term expectations, rather than short-term speculation, provides the best opportunity for success.
  • High quality – While some risk is necessary to achieve a desirable return, our goal with Bridge Builder funds is to have similar or less risk than that of comparable alternatives. We believe lower risk can ultimately lead to better client outcomes that generally come with staying invested.

Our Manager Selection Process

We strive to select diverse sub-advisers that have complementary investment styles, performance patterns and portfolio characteristics. We seek to invest in high-quality strategies that are proven with a track record of success. We select sub-advisers we expect to utilize for the long term.

While each sub-adviser brings specific expertise to the overall portfolio, we look for certain characteristics in every manager we consider:

  • Experienced, well-resourced team
  • Sensible, repeatable investment process
  • Portfolio characteristics that fit the team's investment philosophy
  • Demonstrated track record of success

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